Johnnie Mae's Teacakes

Inspired by our grandmother, Johnnie Mae, Johnnie Mae's Teacakes is a specialty bakery in Los Angeles, CA. We are dedicated in continuing our family's tradition of making the most deliciously soft, fluffy teacakes ever tasted.

In addition to the Southern traditional style teacakes, we also have frosted teacakes and mini teacakes. Our teacakes are available in several flavor varieties. Some of our varieties are Butterscotch, Chocolate Chip, and Cafe Mocha. 

We are happy to offer our customers a taste of tradition with a contemporary flair that can only be found at Johnnie Mae's Teacakes. So, whether you have enjoyed teacakes before or you are embarking on a new food experience, we are sure that you will find what you are searching for at Johnnie Mae's Teacakes. Where we are confident you'll agree that our teacakes are the freshest, softest, and unforgettably yummy teacakes you've ever eaten. 

So, why wait? Go ahead, and try some 'happiness' of your own today.